Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 (Also known as: Gluttony is Awesome)

Guess what? So it turns out that there is this crazy thing called "The Internet." And on "The Internet" there are these wacky things called "Blogs" where people keep a record of their everyday lives, showcase their family activities, and post for all the world to see on a daily basis.

Did you know that?

Isn't that amazing?

(One would think I'd never heard of it, the way I've been posting around here. Or NOT been posting.)

Well, I am back. I had a most excellent Thanksgiving, and will now proceed to bore you (The Aforementioned Internet) with photos and updates of my goings on. Feel free to click off and hunt for free p@rn unless you are:

a) a relative (and even then I might understand)
b) one of the 16 people featured in the pictures
c) a stalker who can't get enough of me, no matter how boring my posts become

We had quite a crowd here for the holidays, and it made my heart sing with joy. There is nothing more fantastic than sharing the sacred gluttony that is Thanksgiving with people I love. We had two of the Husband's brothers, their families, and the in-laws come to stay (for a total of 16, ranging in age from 64 to 14 months).

There was much eating. A lot of card playing. A couple movie viewings. A little sleeping. And definitely some more eating.

(There was also a computer virus, a flood in the car, and a minor vehicular accident. But who's counting the bad things, anyway?)

The best thing I did all Thanksgiving day (besides eat my weight in coconut cake) was hand my camera off to a brother-in-law. I tend to find myself preoccupied on days like this with the cooking, and do not always remember to do the picture taking. I am so grateful.

What would my crazy stalkers have to look at otherwise?









It was the best weekend, and my house seems far too quiet without all of them here. Anyone ready to come back?

Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.


Annie said...

What a great parade of photos. And, bytheway, cakes! It does look pretty awesome. I know from experience that you are definitely a hostess supreme.

3leftturns said...

"What would my crazy stalkers have to look at otherwise?"

-- Little red x's because my knucklehead sister uses photobucket, and I can't see her photos through the internet filter.

Happy Thanksgiving!

3leftturns said...

Annie, her secret IS Hostess. Sometimes Little Debbie.

Melissa Walker said...

I love the family "photo" taken from up above! Such a great shot! Looks like an awesome Thanksgiving indeed. I also enjoy having a noisy house full of lots of people. (and especially extra adults!)

Meggan said...

Oh how I do love your family blog posts. And no I don't really fit in any of those categories. Your thanksgiving spread looks amazing! I'm glad you guys have been doing so good. Thanksgiving has an uncanny way of making you grateful about even the small things. Miss you guys. Coming up there next weekend. Dr. B has a class to take up there. We should catch up woman! Let me know if you're free to have some more stragglers stop in on Saturday... I'm sure goo goo and Ms K would be enthralled by your hugely grown up kids!

marta said...

yes, i'm ready to come back.. and i wasn't even there!! BEAUTIFUL photos, darling kids, incredible house and amazing food. i am thoroughly impressed with that dessert bar too. opa and josh look so handsome. seriously, i am weeping we missed out on all the late chats and games of hearts. so glad you had so so so much fun. oma and opa are already raving. xo.

jen@odbt said...

Looks like your holiday was quite festive but I'm so distracted by that awesome, amazing, ahh-looks-too-good-to-be-true chocolate cake. Wow!

{amy lynn} said...

whoa. i am so that crazy preggo lady right now because these pictures actually made me tear up with joy...and i don't even freaking know you! haha. thank you for sharing these. :)

Julianna said...

Love the kids table. We had a "mixed" table this year, which was kind of nice, no one to fight over having to sit next to the 3 year old. ;)

Amanda D said...

Yay for a great Thanksgiving! So glad to see you back to blogging too. Sometimes, it is nice to take a break though.

I'm seriously impressed with the cakes - they look SO good!

Angela said...

That chocolate cake looks AMAZING!! DROOL

Tristan said...

Have I told you lately that I love you!?! You are amazing! And I want to come to your house next year. And I also want your amazing kitchen.

The End!

Darby said...

Hey I know some of those awesome people! Love your yellow plates and what cute cone tee pees (stealing those next year!)

And the cakes... be still my beating heart!

Travelin'Oma said...

We came home from your house and heated up a can of soup. No coconut cake, no homemade bread, no raspberry jam . . . we're living on the fun memories!

jessica said...

Everything looks so amazing. Just like out of a magazine...but I would expect nothing less from you MIss Thang!

Chatter said...

Wow, that is one inviting thanksgiving feast. Yum, yum, yum!! Beautiful pics and what a delicious looking chocolate cake.

Annemarie said...

Did you make that amazing chocolate cake????

Lauren in GA said...

That's wonderful that you had such a lovely Thanksgiving. Your brother-in-law took amazing pictures. I love your decor...especially your plates and I love the edible wigwams. Darling.

Your home is lovely and so are you, Stie.

Linsey said...

Is it weird that I dream about your coconut cake even though I've never tried it?

Cindy said...

What a fun gathering! I am so glad you had a great time. Those are the kind of gatherings that make Thanksgiving so fun and memorable!

Karey said...

So I'm not related to you. I'm not in any of the pictures. So I must be a stalker!

Oh well, keep posting!

Gabi said...

I am so glad you guys all had a blast. Although I secretly wanted you to be a little bit miserable that we weren't there!!!