Monday, December 20, 2010

Poetry and Pictures

The cards have been mailed, and plenty received. If someone's been missed, we would surely be grieved.


The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. (Along with some fights on whose sock goes where.)


The presents are wrapped, all snug near the tree. It's possible that I even put one down there for me.


The decorations (though scant) have been placed out with care. So far I'm not manic, they might last out the year.


The flower has bloomed, no thanks to my man. He fed it Coke Zero, then quickly he ran.


The plastic nativity changes each day. Sometimes poor Jesus goes very astray.


The good one sits untouched, as per mother's orders. If someone goes touching, they'll be sent 'cross the border.


If only you'd hurry to us, Christmas dear.
We're waiting most anxious for you to be here.


Becky said...

Oh how I love Christmas. Thanks for brightening my day, and,...thank you for the card. Loved it. :)

jen@odbt said...

Oh my kids would have a field day at your house. We hide baby Jesus until Christmas Day and it drives them crazy! Merry Christmas!!!

Tristan said...

I mailed our Christmas cards on Saturday. So I'm sure it will be there soon :)

Your home looks lovely and festive! I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas!

the wrath of khandrea said...

very well done! i may copy your brilliance if i ever find motivation to post about our holidays.

Travelin'Oma said...

There's an old saying, and it's true, I know it.
Santa leaves more presents if you're a poet.

Jeanelle said...

Love the poem - hope Oma's right. (who am I kidding, Oma's are always right.)

Amanda D said...

Your house is beautifully decorated. It looks like you are ready for the holidays! Merry Christmas, Christie!

Liz said...

You've added some rhythm and rhyme to my day,
Thank you for sharing in your own special way!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Wonderful post and pictures. Merry Christmas! Kerri

Lisa@ButteryBooks said...

Beautiful decorations and pictures and love the poem! Thanks for helping me get into the spirit of Christmas on this dreary travel day.

shilo said...

I love that mine is at the top of your collage. Bit eager, no? Shows Josh you aren't the only one. An early Merry Christmas you you!

Lori said...

So cute...look how clever you are! Have a great Holiday.

danandcindy said...

Wow, you're a poet, and you didn't even know that you were a poet.

christina-defining moments said...

Looks like someone got the good deal on Walgreen paper too! I have the Ho Ho Ho paper as well

NINA said...

Holiday greetings from Norway! Tell your husband hi from Glenn Nystad (Denmark mission).

You have such a fun and charming family and your blog post are awesome!

Best wishes from Nina

Christie said...

Wow, Nina! I went to your profile and was unable to leave a comment on your blog. I hope you see this! My husband sends his best to your family and has many fond memories of his time in Denmark with Glenn. What a small world it is, no? Merry Christmas and best wishes to your family from ours.

Julie From Inmates said...

So the perfect placement of those cards and pictures makes my OCD smile. Love it!

3leftturns said...

A few years ago, a grandchild left their star wars mc'd toy on the counter, so I did a little irreverence..

I took a picture of yoda paying his respects with a caption that read: "The Force is strong with this one..."

Lauren in GA said...

Stie, you never cease to amaze me with how clever and talented you are. Your home looks lovely and I loved your poetic post.

Coke Zero, huh? Somebody deserves coal!!!

Merry, merry Christmas, you!!

Musings of a Housewife said...

You are hilarious. I love this post.