Monday, January 18, 2010

Then and now

Do any of you remember this?

That was my babies in August of 2006. Here are some tidbits about our lives during that time:
  • We lived less than a mile from the beach in sunny, perfect, warm San Diego
  • The Husband did not ever get on a plane, and frequently came home for lunch
  • McKay and Chase were both in elementary school, and Hannah had just started preschool
  • We were both renting and owning a home at the same time (it wasn't pretty)
  • I had a blog that a few people liked to read
  • Hannah's best friend was Sleeping Beauty (and she was sure to remind us of that daily)
  • I had very little time to myself
  • I made lots of cookie dough
  • I drank lots of diet coke
  • The Husband hated his job and was professionally very miserable
  • My kids went to bed at six o'clock every night
  • Chase spent every waking minute hunting lizards
  • I pushed Hannah in the stroller daily on our walk to pick the boys up from school
Here they are, three years later in August of 2009:

And here are some ways our life has changed in the past three years:
  • We no longer live less than a mile from the beach
  • My three kids are in school all day long
  • The Husband is very happy now at his job
  • We are thankfully owning just one home
  • McKay is in his first year of middle school, and Chase and Hannah are both in elementary school
  • Hannah's best friend is no longer Sleeping Beauty
  • Chase spends every waking minute hunting frogs
  • I am now a small business owner
  • The Husband is once again a frequent flier and is never home for lunch (or breakfast, or dinner, come to think of it)
  • My kids still go to bed some days at six o'clock
  • I still make way too much cookie dough
  • I still drink lots of diet coke
  • I have a blog, and a few people like to read it
  • I no longer own or operate a stroller
  • And I have oodles of time to myself
While I'd probably sell my soul to live a mile from the beach again, I wouldn't trade where we are for the world.

Life is good. And it just keeps getting better.


Beckie Steele said...

Thank goodness! We don't want you going anywhere! As for the beach....well we all have to make some sacrifices. :)

Tristan said...

It is amazing how much they change in as little as 4 years!!

I so miss the beach too!

I'm so glad you and I are friends :) I feel cool that I know you!

Mrs T said...

Your kids are so cute!

Jeanelle said...

Oh I loved this! And you have LOTS of people who love your blog missy, not just a few. And to think I didn't even know the San Diego you...I need to read your archives, obviously!

brooke said...

Both pictures are darling. I'm so glad you have more time to yourself and that you only own one home now. Don't ever stop making the cookie dough and drinking diet coke!

Your blog is one of my favorite things.

Annemarie said...

I'm so glad you still make cookie dough.

Beautiful family!

Ilene said...

I need these happy posts.

And I need some cookie dough too.

Travelin'Oma said...

The top picture is hanging on my bulletin board, and I picture your kids that way. Of course I picture Josh that way, too. I picture you with a perm. I picture me young.

diane said...

I wish I'd known you when you lived in San Diego. When my kids make the big move to the midwest we have got to get together. We can go shopping.

Anna said...

And hpoefully, any snow you may get in your current location melts before the end of April. No more beloved New England winters.

Rosie said...

I just love your family. Thanks for the reminder during this bleak time of year that life is, indeed, good.

Amanda D said...

I love this! Having a happy husband professionally makes a big difference doesn't it?

Your kids are adorable!

Susy said...

Thanks for sharing

Jen said...

Great then and now. How did you get them all to bed at six o'clock? If you wrote a book, you'd make out like a bandit.

I love how Hannah is looking in the same direction in both photos. You need to change the one bullet to "I have a blog and lots of people like to read it" :)

Christy said...

Oh, how I love your photos! And thank you for sharing your secrets, I plan on adopting a few of them.

Becky said...

ME EITHER!!!! enough said on that, cuz you KNOW what my predicament was back then, too. And although I miss dropping my little boys off at preschool and going for a walk on the beach, ...wouldn't trade. WOULD NOT TRADE. We made the most of it though, don'tcha think?

Lauren in GA said...

I loved this. What a neat idea...I may need to copy it.

I love that life is good for you and that things are happy.

...and that you still make cookie dough. That is crucial to happiness.

Did you ask Hannah to glance to the side because she did in the older picture? It's cute.

Wendi said...

You had me at beach in sunny San Diego!
Then I was glued to the screen when I read your kids go to bed at 6.
Are you freakin' kidding me?
I have to beg, bribe, sit on, withhold food...well, you get the picture.
Seething with jealousy Stie...seething.

jessica said...

I just read your great ideas...I am too lazy to make two comments.

I love the olive oil/soap idea so I am stealing it.

Your kids are beautiful...

YAY for you for creating such a beautiful life.

♥Shally said...

I am sooooo behind on blog reading!

I have missed you, my friend. :)

Totally copying all your ideas from your brain power post.

And I need you to make me job charts.

Okay, maybe that was too much to ask... :)

melissa said...

you've come a long way, baby!

do you know i was reading your blog when you lived in SD? and i totally remember when you moved?

wow. ancient history... ;-)

calibosmom said...

I raise a can of Diet Coke with Lime to you and yours!

Tiffany said...

We still wish you were in SD. We sure do miss you guys! BUT we are glad you are in a good place! Come for a visit!

Cindy said...

It is amazing to see the way they've transformed into big people.