Thursday, October 15, 2009

He gets a bad rap, but underneath is a real peach

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while are familiar with my brother, Dan. Some of you have probably laughed at the comments he leaves. Some of you have no doubt left feeling slightly offended. And a handful of you have even emailed out of concern for me and the less-than-friendly comments left by this person named Dan.

I can assure you that it is his love language. And mine to him.

We have had the privilege this week of having Dan and his cute family visit. They have braved our germ-infested walls and dared to spend time with us in spite of the swine flu. I am fervently praying that they do not come down with it themselves in a few days, however. [Although, given the fact that his daughter was a conjoined twin of my daughter until the fevers began, it will be a miracle if they escape unscathed. Oy.]

Anyway, since Dan has been so disgusted by the many appearances made by my feet on this blog, I thought it only fitting that he be the one to draw the winner of the Traveling Shoes. We put all the names in a pretty little bowl, seen here:

Then Dan was forced to cheerfully picked the next recipient of the gorgeous pink shoes:

And the winner is Thelma! Email me your address at stiesthoughts at gmail dot com and the shoes are on their way to your house. I cannot wait to see where you take them.

For those that didn't win, I offer you instead some pictures of Dan's cute family. Because coming to my house and escaping without a photo shoot is more miraculous than escaping without the swine flu.

Both of which are probably a little painful.

Dang, I sure like these guys.


gab said...

I recognize that spot...

I'm glad you had some company and hope they stay healthy! Great photos, as always.

Jen said...

Your brother's face when he's picking out the name is priceless. Gotta love brothers.

Great family shots - they are a cute bunch.

Lisa-Marie said...

I bet Dan just loves being called a PEACH! It's fun to have a face to go with all the snotty brother comments.

Great pictures, as always. Those kiddos are super dee duper cute.

Amanda D said...

I'll brave possibly catching the swine flu if I can have a photo shoot while we're there. When can you pencil us in?


I hope you're all feeling better soon!

Annemarie said...

Beautiful family. I was a little concerned about those pesty comments until I realized he was related. I'm surprised it took me so long, I have brothers just like that.
Beautiful front porch.

momy4him said...

aw, what a beautiful family!

diane said...

Sweet vindication. I only wish you had gotten pictures of his feet.

I wonder if Thelma has a friend named Louise? Those shoes are going to have some great adventures.

Lauren in GA said...

Whoa...Dan doesn't look like Dwight Schrute at all.

I love the pictures, Stie. They are so great.

The picture of him picking the name is funny...kind of like, "I can't believe you are making me do this." Ironic that you had him choose.

Michael said...

Pictures of his feet would've been great...too bad.

Looks like he had a great trip.

Someday when you're really down you should compile all of his comments...that would lift anyone up.

Chatter said...

1) Adorable kiddo's!! I do hope they walked away healthy and do not get sick.

2) The picture on the fabulous front porch is darling. Is that your porch? If so, I'm very jealous.

3) Next time we pass through St.Louis I badly want our family to do a photo shoot with you. Please say yes :)

Tristan said...

Love a good sibling spat :)

He has a beautiful family and of course the photo you took are so awesome!

Miss T said...

What a cute little family. Your photos are getting better and better!

Robyn said...

I love the first one of Dan and Cindy. I do think you should've taken a picture of Dan's feet, though! How fun. I feel so bad that you've all had the swine flu! I saw Dan and Cindy at Uncle Ken's funeral today, so if I end up with the swine flu...I'm blaming you! :)

danandcindy said...

Your blog is always much more interesting when I am a part of it.

Jenibelle said...

Obviously his wife is a gem because some so mean couldn't have that cute of kids!! Darling kids and awesome pictures.

Cindy said...

We had a wonderful time with your family... and still no sign of the flu. I hope that streak will continue for another 5 days or so and then we'll hopefully be in the clear. Thank you for putting up with us. We miss your fmaily and our children are already asking when we can come back.

Julie From Inmates said...

Dang, I really wanted to shoe those shoes a good time in West Virginia... =(

Julie From Inmates said...

Oh, and I really love the first pic of them jumping on the porch. Very cute!!!

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