Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last trip post, I promise

I know you are all probably so sick of this vacation that you saw the title and clicked off to hunt for free porn. Nothing like days and days of someone else's boring vacation pictures, right?


Well, too bad. At least for one more day anyway.

I end the Seattle/Hawaii Trip '09 with some stats and (of course) more pictures. To give you an idea of our endeavors over the last 13 days without writing down every detail, here is some data that is pretty representative of the fantastic experience we had:
  • Total number of flights: 7
  • Total number of bags checked on flights: Zero, thanks to my awesome packing
  • Total number of hotels we stayed at: 5
  • Estimated caloric intake per day by me alone: 9,678 thankyouverymuch
  • Pounds gained while on this vacation: I am sure at least 8.
  • Number of fish viewed while snorkeling: 756 or more
  • Number of bloody wounds received from jagged coral while snorkeling: 2 (both mine)
  • Bottles of sunscreen used: 4
  • Number of people in our family who took hula lessons: 2 (all female, naturally)
  • Number of people in our family who swam in a cage with sharks all around: 3 (all male, of course)
  • Total number of days before I adjusted to the time difference: 9
  • Number of days it will likely take me to adjust back: 14
  • Dollars spent shopping: Much, much less than it could have been, dear Husband. Remember that in the days to come when you look at the bank statement, mmkay?
  • Pounds of sand washed down our hotel shower drain per day: 3
  • Number of former KSL weathermen seen at the Hawaiian Temple: 1 (bonus if you guess who it was)
  • Number of times the natives called me 'Cousin': At least 27
  • Minutes until I am ready to go back again: I'd say less than one. It actually hurts a little bit to think that Hawaii is still out there in this world, existing, without me in it.
And finally, because my little i-phone picture posts were so tiny (a pet peeve of mine), here are a few of my favorites so far. I have yet to barely wade through the hundreds and hundreds of shots I took, so these will have to do.


Annie said...

1. you all look fabulous.

2. the boys are looking like Seal with their face tats!

3. when did Hannah grow up?! seriously, all of the sudden she looks older. And lovely, as always.

4. Welcome back. Take re-entry into the real world slowly, dance the hula, allow vacay mode for a few more days while you acclimate.

5. next time we want to come.

Bill said...

I'm glad you had a great time!

I vote for Markie Snowbanks (AKA, Mark Eubanks) as your KSL weatherman celeb.

Amore y besos,

Susanne said...

You are killin' me here!

I miss Maui SO MUCH!!!


diane said...

I am much closer than Hawaii. I have a pool and the beach is close.

You look hot in the white wrap shirt. Not sweaty hot.

Annemarie said...

Ahhhhh. The pic of the sunset instantly relaxed me. I can't wait to take my family there.
So glad you had a great trip. Your kids will always remember it!

Cynthia said...

We just returned from Hawaii too and I agree with almost everything on your list except checked luggage. Seriously? No checked bags? You are awesome. And how can you not do multiple posts about a great vacation . . . I think I wrote about it so much my sisters and my mom even stopped reading. Nevertheless, Hawaii is marvelous! Love your photos.

Jessica said...

It's probably good I didn't check in until I'd gotten back from my WAY LESS FUN trip to landlocked Utah. I can be much happier for you now!

Becky said...

So glad you posted bigger pictures- I was happy to see more of beautiful Hawaii, and beautiful you guys.

queenieweenie said...

You look amazing-eight pounds and all!

Nikki said...

:) Love all the pictures- reminds me how much I'd like to go back- with the kids this time- or not! :)

Anna said...

Love your photos.

Love your beautiful family.

Love that you gained 8 pounds. I've got a few I could give you if you're looking to round it off to an even 10 pounds.

Love that you are back to paying attention to your blog.

brooke said...

Your pictures are beautiful and so is your family. Re-entry is hard, really hard. It took me a good two weeks until I felt normal again with the time change. Plus it is so hard going from complete paradisical glory surroundings and returning to the ugly of the desert.

I'm guessing you saw Mark Eubanks at the temple. Is he serving a mission there? Keep the pics coming--they make me happy.

Rosie said...

I, for one, want to see MORE pictures from your trip. It looks like you had a great time. Robert is going to be out of town all through August. Any chance you are up for a visit? (We'd love to have you here, or we would love to come to you. I haven't met my friend's baby that lives there yet, so it's a great excuse.)

Susy said...

Love all your post and I lived through you on this Hawaiian trip!I'm stuck here in Vegas...We already took all of are big vacations this year...So keep on showing pixies!

Amanda D said...

I'm so completely jealous. It looks like so much fun. A day in the sun on the sand sounds like heaven.

♥Shally said...

Awwww... that was the temple I was married in!



I swear we are going to have to save up for 10 years to afford flights for 6 people... :(

Tristan said...

GORGEOUS pictures! I'm still so jealous! I'm so glad you got to go though!

danandcindy said...

Nice flower in the ear shot, very not-touristy at all.

Mark Eubank

Cindy said...

Love the photos. So glad you had a great time! I would also guess that you saw Mark Eubank... only because he's the only former KSL weatherman I can think of.

Michael said...

I still cherish my coral-related scars. I hope I have them forever, so that every time I look at my hand, I can remember my first trip to Hawaii. I'm sad for you...that you had to come home. After visiting Laie, maybe your kids will all decide to attend BYU-Hawaii instead of boring old BYU-Provo. I spent a week there, and that's all it took to realize I had made a huge mistake in not going there.

Diane said...

You should frame those ocean shots and put them in your home somewhere. Beautiful! Great memory making vaca! Hide the receipts!

Anonymous said...


not enough vacation shots for me. I love Josh that he takes such good care of you!

I have beautiful grandchildren!!!

My guess is Bob Welti
Love, Mom

Darby said...

Aloha! Glad you had a good time and I can't wait to see more fun pics. I'm most impressed by the fact that you didn't check ANY luggage!!!!!! WOW! Share you secret! My camera and laptop alone kill me.

Jeanelle said...

Seattle too? Did you love it? I mean, we're no Hawaii but it's still pretty fantastic here. And I love the pics and living vicariously through you. Hawaii is one of my most favorite places on earth and I'm so glad you & your family were able to enjoy it. That last pic of you and your kids is gorgeous. You're seriously beautiful!!!

D-dawg said...

Dear Stie, I think your Hawaii posts have made me feel happy to just have 3 kids. For so long I've wanted more but if having 3 means I can do this vacation with my family in a few short years I am glad. I love Hawaii so much and dreaming of taking my kids there with me someday gets me so excited. Your trip sounded soooooo wonderful.

Lauren in GA said...

I have to say that you did some awesome packing, indeed!!

Sorry about the bloody wounds. I hope it didn't mess up your fantastic pedicure.

I would much rather hula than swim with sharks. I think you chose well.

Re-entry always puts me in a funk. I am sending warm thoughts that yours will be gentle on you.

Lauren in GA said...

The pictures are fabulous...I just had to mention...

Woman Interrupted said...

Ahhhh...I am so jealous!

And is that a rare shot of Mr. 'Stie?

Emily said...

So happy for you Stie, and I hold with Annie about Hannah's sudden entry into big girl status, oh, and also about please coming with you next time. I'm glad you had such a great vacation and you do look fabulous in those pictures (nice arms in the white shirt, mmmm hmmmm.)

Travelin'Oma said...

I love Josh's Hawaiian shirt. I think there's some Opa in him! The pictures are awesome.

Meg said...

Take me next time ok? I promise not to get into any fights. Srsly.

Chatter said...

Great pictures!! The family ones are just lovely and your children look beautiful!! Thank you for sharing and giving us a sneak peak of your vacation. It makes me want to take one (to Hawaii of course).
Welcome home!