Tuesday, September 25, 2007

To do or not to do, that is the question

My parents are flying in tomorrow, followed by The Husband's parents on Thursday. Here is a list of things that I need to do right now:
  1. Go to the grocery store so my mother does not see the sorry state of my cupboards and think we are starving.
  2. Prime the downstairs guest bathroom wall (for which I am still cursing Dum-Dum).
  3. Paint the downstairs guest bathroom.
  4. Hang adorable towel hooks on the wall in the downstairs guest bathroom.
  5. Clean the entire house top to bottom so my mother will not think that I am a slob.
  6. Call Service Master to come get massive dehumidifier and fan that are here as a result of this. Which turned out to be a minimal leak, caught early, and not worth committing suicide over (as I had momentarily considered).
  7. Hide The Husband's enormous stack of Playboys. [KIDDING, people, KIDDING.]
  8. Sew rock-hard Cub Scout patches onto Chase's shirt for pack meeting tonight.
  9. Run to Sam's Club and buy a long list of paper goods I am assigned to bring for pack meeting tonight.
  10. Actually take a shower and get out of ugly sweat pants less I embarrass the poor princess at the bus stop yet again.
  11. Lose those 15 pounds I've been meaning to get rid of. You know, by tomorrow.
  12. Find something fabulous to cook for everyone. Ideas??
  13. Clean and organize the Federal Disaster Areas in our home, otherwise known as the children's closets.
  14. Wipe toothpaste off of every surface in the kids' bathroom. (How do they get it on the ceiling? What are they doing in there?)
  15. Get a haircut so that I look less like a scarecrow and more like Angelina Jolie.
  16. Take the boys for haircuts so they look less like Axl Rose and more like Brad Pitt.
  17. Finish washing 19 loads of laundry.
  18. Actually fold and put away said laundry.

What I really want to do:

  1. Take a nap.
  2. Get a pedicure.
  3. Read blogs until I go blind.
  4. Read US Weekly cover-to-cover (might have to find a braille copy if I succeed with number three).
  5. Order take-out.
  6. Fake sick and force The Husband to take the kids to pack meeting.
  7. Pay someone to clean the house and do all the laundry.
  8. Drink diet coke and eat cookie dough.
  9. Do number eight and still find a way to lose those 15 pounds by tomorrow.
  10. Go to the mall and buy myself lots of stuff.
  11. Chat on the phone for hours and gossip about Brangelina.
  12. Lock myself in my studio and scrapbook.
  13. Go to the store and buy myself lots of scrapbook stuff.

I would safely say that probably three or four things will probably get done on each list.

Which things and which list? Can't say just yet. We'll find out tomorrow.


girlymama said...

with that list, are you sure you shouldn't all go out to dinner tomorrow or maybe get take-out?
if not, maybe you should grill out or something VERY non-stressful for you!

good luck!

gab said...

I know...why is it that we feel compelled to have our life "perfect" for company? Especially our parents? They are the only people who loved us when we were ugly teenage slobs...I guess that motivates us to work harder to prove we are clean, capable and physically fit adults. Have fun!!! Wish we were there to add a little toothpaste to the walls/ceiling/furniture...

DanandCindy said...

19. Make "To Do" list on blog taking up precious time that I could be spending doing things on said list...

Summers Camp said...

I absolutely love reading whatever it is you've got to say! Love the lists. Very similar to mine... but I think I end up following more closely to the second one, which is why the first list just gets bigger and bigger! *B

Bridget said...

I love your lists. I vote for the take out for dinner and a pedicure. And as far as cleaning your house....I have yet to see your house a mess so I don't think that one should be a problem.

RobynandJoe said...

I also have a hard time believing that your house resembles anything close to that of a slob! I definitely think you should fake sick so you don't have to go to pack meeting...that way you can do lots of things on the SECOND list without feeling guilty since you wouldn't be able to do things on the FIRST during pack meeting anyway!

Marty: said...

As "said" parent, I say get the pedicure. We don't care if there's toothpaste on the ceiling!

Amanda said...

I love your lists! This one made me laugh out loud. Thanks. Let me know if you find anything new at the scrapbook store. I have been meaning to go check one out here, but the closest one is 25 minutes away. What is the deal with that?!

Dancin Queen said...

Well from the pictures you've posted of your house so far, I think it's pretty impressive. i wouldn't worry so much. I know, easier said than done.

Diane said...

Oh yes...the toothpaste! Seems we can all relate to that one. When you say a haircut so you can look more like Angelina Jolie...I think you need to re-think that one. I think collagen injections in the lips will help you achieve that one. Try to relax and enjoy.

Emily said...

Ah ha, the US Weekly, I have been eyeing the celeb magazines greedily every trip to the grocery and trying to make up my mind which twenty I will choose for my upcoming plane trip. See you soon!

Rochelleht said...

HA! I love it!!! Too cute! Good luck!

mama jo said...

i remember always trying to have something "new" done to my house when my mom came to visit...be it new flowers or a new paint job...it usually spurred me on to get it done...but, i realized she was thrilled, but didn't really care...so get the pedicure, read US, and get take out....

Heed said...

All I can say is that when we've stayed at your house... your yummy chocolate peanut butter cookies take the CAKE! Tell my mom that they are only made with "real butter!" Tell your mom that you substituted the butter with applesauce. They'll both be impressed for sure!

Kimberly and Devon said...

I felt stressed just reading your list. Maybe I need to send you a few more songs to help you get through this week. By the way, you don't need to lose 15lbs. You look great! And, while you're at it, eat some cookie dough for me!

Kimberly and Devon said...

By the way, I finished Eclipse! Loved it, loved it, loved it! I am anxiously waiting to get my Twilight book back, that I loaned out, so I can start reading it again!

Lisa said...

Our lists look very much the same!
We should go for a pedicure and read Us Weekly together!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today.