Monday, September 17, 2007

Things I learned this week

  • Before weeding the flower beds in your front yard, it is helpful to know which are flowers and which are weeds.
  • Knowing this in advance will prevent the elderly woman next door from having a heart attack as she watches you cheerfully pluck flowers instead of weeds.
  • When planning your son's 8th birthday, do not be naive enough to think you can simply take a few eight-year-old boys to the movies and call it a party.
  • Before the week is through, you will somehow have morphed that brilliant idea into a full-fledged Army-themed party.
  • At your house.
  • And 13 boys will be coming.
  • After spending a year in Sunny So Cal, do not be surprised when your children have no warm-weather gear that fits.
  • Sending your son to the bus stop in YOUR jacket will make you feel just a little bit embarrassed because he doesn't have one himself.
  • He, however, will be perfectly thrilled with the new jacket arrangement.
  • Promptly running out to buy a new jacket for said son will guarantee 85-degree weather for at least the next three weeks.
  • Getting that letter in the mail from GWB will be the highlight of a little boy's week.
  • Watching this defeat happen in person will be the lowlight of The Husband's week.
  • Your favorite thing this week: NOT having to watch that defeat and getting some girl time with the Hannah.


Kimberly and Devon said...

We have a friend who loves (that's putting it lightly) BYU football. One time, he was so upset over a certain play that when he stood up to yell at the TV, he fainted. His wife thought he was just being over-dramatic and ignored him. A few seconds later she felt bad when she realized he was still on the floor passed out!

Summers Camp said...

I love your learn-ed posts! So wise. So fun. Love it. *B

Bridget said...

Ah yes, the BYU football. Nathan and Josh and wallow together. I will think of you Saturday as we have Maren's Little Mermaid party with 12 friends and you've got your testosterone Army party. We've really got to get these two together....such beautiful children they would have.

Jenny from Chicago said...

The problem with the weed/flower thing around her is that the weeds are the ones that look healthy and the plants/flowers are the ones that look like they are on their last leg.

RobynandJoe said...

Joe has been thoroughly depressed since the BYU game on Saturday. It didn't help matters that the Utes smothered UCLA. A party with 13 boys sounds a little did you survive?

gab said...

We're all mourning the Tulsa game. So sad...but a big smelly boy party should be just the thing to perk things right up!

Emily said...

Glad to hear someone else has made the same flower/weed mistake. And here's to some more girl time with Hannah--you might have a discussion with her about proper babysitter attire somewhere in there.

DanandCindy said...

Did Josh hear that Utah beat UCLA? That should make him feel better about Tulsa. Please don't mistake this for gloating. That will only come later in the season when Utah convinces me that the UCLA game wasn't a fluke.

Annie said...

Josh would have gotten along swimmingly with my grandpa, whose week would be ruined watching years-old reruns of BYU games. And he took personal responsibility for the hiring of LaVell Edwards (we've never been able verify this).

So glad you got some girl time! What did you do with Miss H?

Diane said...

So I have to admit I watched the game up until the third quarter. We couldn't stand it any longer and had to turn it off!! As for the Ute fans...they're still bitter about last year's Holiday Bowl game. Now there's a happy memory.

Holly said...

Love how your brain works! Can't wait to hear about the Army party--you are brave. Seeing how your boys love to re-enact battles and skirmishes, it sounds ideal. Will you do a mini-boot camp? Just resist the urge to go all G.I. Jane though. :)

Michael said...

Luckily I get to work during almost every football game, leaving only the highlights to highlight (or lowlight) my day. PS, even if it has to come in the form of my cousin's husband (and hopefully children), it's good to have another relative rooting for BYU.