Thursday, June 7, 2012

Celebrating the important holidays


Yesterday was a big day.

In case you didn't know, it marked its 68th year.

Around here, this holiday is probably second only to Christmas for one of my children.

Still clueless?

Then you must be new around here.

You see, every year, on June 6th, we celebrate the allied invasion at Normandy during World War II. Otherwise known as D-Day. Or Operation Neptune. Or Operation Overlord.

I know all these things, you see, because he tells me.  Every year.

Whatever you call the day, it's a big deal in the heart of my boy.

First thing out of bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, his face is in mine, as he wishes me a Happy D-Day. He then proceeds to follow me around the house, sharing time lines and details from that morning long ago. He doesn't just find it interesting; he breathes it in his soul. His passion spills over to the rest of us, and we can't help but get caught up in it, too.

(Though, for his brother and sister, I suspect a lot of the enthusiasm comes from the annual cake that Chase makes to celebrate.)

This year, it was a tank, made up and created entirely by Chase.


So, fallen brothers at Normandy, let your souls be at peace. All the way across the pond, in a little suburb of St. Louis, a 12-year-old boy remembers your sacrifice.

And makes sure that none of us forget it either.


I think it's pretty freaking awesome.


Amanda D said...

I agree with you -- awesome!

danandcindy said...

Happy Birthday Chase.

Travelin'Oma said...

Chase is the Man. I love the cake!

Kelli said...

Anything for cake!!

Marla said...

Yes, pretty freakin awesome!

Juli said...

I actually thought of Chase yesterday when I remembered D day. So glad he remembers... and helps us all remember, that without those sacrifices, we may not have the "Option" of German Chocolate cake or plain old vanilla.

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Awesome, and so charming, too! :)

Lala said...

I LOVE that. I love that he remembers the day & the men & the importance. Thanks for sharing -

ps so nice to read your posts again. =)

Lisa-Marie said...

What a great kid. I love it when kids are passionate about something. Though, I must say, he does not look 12. Holy cow! So handsome, so grown up.

Lauren in GA said...

I love Chase. His passion is inspiring.

...and that cake is all kinds of awesome, too. I copied yours one year when I saw a picture on your picture blog from years ago.

He looks so grown up to me. *sniff*

Cindy said...

Nice job, Chase! That is a great cake. ...and I love your patriotism. Thank you for keeping the sacrifices of those on D-day in the forefront of our minds. (next years cake is going to have to be pretty amazing to top this one. You take after your momma. :) )

Anonymous said...

Chase you are amazing! thank you!

Liz said...

I love the cake! Robert and I always wish each other a Happy D-Day. This post makes me think we should educate our kids about that historical date. Hmm. I'm failing on so many levels.

Meredith said...

As an Army wife and the sister to two service members may I just say that is AWESOME! and thank you!