Monday, May 21, 2012

You could set your watch by it

It's not the warm, muggy weather that is starting to creep in and make you sweat all over.

It's not the lack of homework or plethora of school functions four out of the five nights per week.

It's not even the sudden urge to stop eating and drop 40 pounds because OH MY GOSH it's time to get into a swimsuit.

Though that is a serious problem.

How do you know that summer is almost here? These fabulous hair cuts, that's how.

Six years running, people.  That is a lot of hair history.

I give you the Mohawk Brothers of 2012.



And after:




I was hoping to find an explanation for behavior like this, but sadly, I don't think we can blame it on the mohawks.  I think we can blame it on the fact that they are boys.

And boys will always be boys.



Welcome back, summer. It's good to see you, old friend.


Juli said...

We also did our summer buzz cuts... but we still have a whole 18 days to go. :)

And, is it wrong that I LOVE that he's in a trash can? You really have no idea how much I love this... and that you photographed it.

jessica said...

Summer is taking it's sweet time to show it's face here but that is nothing new...glad that you get to enjoy it.


melissa ( : said...

Those boys will love you forever for letting them BE BOYS!

Welcome Summer!

danandcindy said...

How come you don't ever sport the mom-hawk?

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, for pity's sake, Dan...

Ahhhh, yeah, I so hear ya on the, "boys will be boys" thing.

I saw a boy in the grocery store yesterday sporting a 'hawk...and I kid you not, I thought...I wonder if Chase is sporting his yet? Awesome that they both got their 'hawk on this year. (Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly? I thought only Chase got one last year...but, is good to see this year's offering of the Mowhak Hair History.

And YOWZA! Chase looks so grown up. They both more braces...they are bonified young men.

k. novella said...

i love their hair, christie! i am sad i just buzzed my sons hair days ago! i will have to make note in my 2013 calendar (yes, i already have one) so not to miss out on this mohawk coolness.

you are awesome, btw, and completely adorable! missed your blog!