Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY Bulletin Board


Want to learn how to make this cute bulletin board in just a few easy steps, one which does not require a can of spray paint and costs less than $20?

Step one: Buy a really ugly large print on clearance at Michael's or some other craft mecca. This one is 24x36. Large. And freakishly ugly. Unless black and white abstract leaves are your thing. In that case, never mind. You go back to enjoying your colorless, boring life full of leaves. And I'll try to stop judging you.


Step two: Remove the offensive, abstract leaf artwork, the accompanying mat, and, ever so carefully, the glass. Discard all of these items.


Step three: Insert 12x12 squares of cork board, also purchased at craft mecca. My print was a multiple of 12, so my squares fit evenly without having to cut any of the cork squares. If your frame is odd sized, just cut the cork to fit.


Step four: Using the double-sided tape tabs that come with the cork, secure all of the cork pieces to each other on the edge.


Step five: Using the thick backing that came with the print, flip over the newly joined cork squares. Lay fabric of your choice on a flat surface, and flip cork and backing over the top, with the cork facing down.


Step six: Pull tightly and staple edges of fabric to thick backing. I used a regular stapler because I'm lazy klassy like that. You could use a more advanced stapler, but mine worked just fine.


Step seven: Cut off excess fabric, and put inside your frame.


Step eight: Hang the bulletin board on your daughter's wall, and feel like an extreme crafter. Refuse to succumb to your husband's taunts about your lack of proper staple usage. Know deep down that your improper usage is what makes you awesome and distinguishes you from other DIYers and their fancy equipment.


Step nine: Stand back to admire your handiwork. Reward yourself with some chocolate and a diet coke.


Any questions?


danandcindy said...

I liked your blog better when you were on blog hiatus.

Cathy said...

It's like a how-to Tuesday on a Friday!

Jeanelle said...

You've got skillz. I love it. Now go make me one.

jen@odbt said...

Love it...I was going to attempt one of those PB Teens mixed media pieces (who knows what they're called) but this is more my style. Thanks for the tutorial!

Liz said...

I love it! I think I need a few of these . . .

I remember your bulletin board for all the school papers, too. You are so cool

Lisa said...

Good to see your crafty side! Thanks for sharing- i'll be making one or two of these!

Travelin'Oma said...

I made one almost just like this, put it in the frame, hung it on the wall and thought I was ready to go. But I'd left the glass in. It took me a while to realize it wasn't going to work. I also glued some darling fabric on a white board and then realized I couldn't write on it. I'm not a very good crafter.

brooke said...

You are my kind of crafter. It turned out so cute. Dan is funny!

Stefani said...

I might just make one of these for my daughter. I might even use a regular stapler - because I consider my self a class act as well ;) thanks for the instructions!

Lauren in GA said...

Aaaaack!! I have been out of town and I can't believe I missed this tutorial.

I love your tutorials, you know...infused with the awesome, Stie humor.

I am totally making a Family Home Evening board using this technique. Thank you.

Oh, and I love your blouse and bracelet.

Bridget said...

So cute! I'd love to pretend I'm actually going to make one someday. But I do need to know too, where did you get your shirt? Love it.

Christie said...

The shirt is from White House Black Market. LOVE that store. :-)